This refers to the growing of trees and several kinds of crops together .It increases families’ farm yields and, their access to food and also income. The trees also prevent soil erosion and bind carbon dioxide. Using a variety of techniques, farmers can convert to sustainable agriculture. This program aims at fighting poverty and improving or conserving the environment through tree planting with particular emphasis to schools and the communities around them.

Growing fruit with children offers a unique chance to teach them about the importance of healthy foods and nutrition. Whether the fruit-eaters are children, animals or impoverished neighbors — fruit trees take advantage of Mother Nature’s natural resources system…and deliver shade, soil conditioning, food for wildlife…and food for humans and our animals. And it lasts for decades! That’s a lot for one simple plant to gift us with.

This program has among its components, issues that address health, water and sanitation, environmental awareness, tree planting with particular emphasis to multi-purpose trees and species especially fruit trees for nutrition in schools. Under this program, we have managed establish 02 orchards in 2 schools in Maanyi subcounty with at least 50 fruit trees of different types. We are also looking forward to planting more trees (for shades, firewood, fruits,and ornamental purposes)  in 30 schools around and  5 communities in Maanyi subcounty. Environmental Awareness too has been and is being carried out in communities and schools.

  • A donation of only US$2 can help to buy a tree seedling.