Kindly Volunteer or Intern with us!!!

Volunteers are very critical to both the mission and and objectives of our organisation(KACODE). Our success in the community has been greatly attributed the generous contributions of our volunteers. Volunteers have been  to the centre of programs/activities.All our initiatives greatly rely on teams of dedicated volunteers who passionately carry out much of their work, both overseas and in Uganda.                     

Why Enjoy your Holiday or volunteer with KACODE?

  • Looking for an amazing adventure and tired of the same old vacation…
  • Looking forward to sharing your skills and abilities with poor/needy communities …
  • Looking for an intimate international experience…
  • Looking for a story to bring home or doing something different…
  • Looking to make new friends, meet new people, new cultures in a rural setting.
  • Looking to fulfill a dream…
  • looking to become part of a grassroots initiative to effect change…
    looking to have fun!

For whatever reason always, KINDLY think of volunteering with Kabira Community Development and Child Support Organization (KACODE) as an exchange of skills, time, talent, energy, and thoughts with underprivileged developing communities in Mityana district.

Some of Volunteer Positions currently  Available

  • Fundraisers
  • Business Educator/Consultant
  • Vocational skills trainers
    • Program Coordinators
    • Youth HIV/AIDS Educators
    • After class school Sports Coach
    • Art, Music, Dance and Drama Trainers
    • Community development worker
    • Facilitators
    • Agroforestry trainers/experts
    • Child care