Our Piggery, Poultry, Tailoring and Candle Making programs are all geared towards the economic empowerment of HIV positive single mothers and their families, thereby improving their standards of living.

Home Based Care

HIV/AIDS is still a serious and social-economic problem in Maanyi Sub-County where we operate. And it continues to ravage many parts of the Sub-County especially areas near the lake and areas where the population largely lives in abject poverty.
Getting access to quality health care is still a challenge for the HIV positive people in these poor communities. We offer home based care and referrals to health centers like Mityana Hospital.
Home based care includes our volunteers visiting members to understand the challenges being encountered and devising means of addressing the most pressing issues. We also offer free counseling sessions for HIV positive individuals and their families where desired.
We also  carry out  Activities to help community awareness of HIV/AIDS, avoidance and pre­vention of stigmatisation.