About Us



Kabira Community Development and Child Support (KACODE) is a humanitarian NGO. It is located in Namutunku Parish at Kabira village in Maanyi Subcounty, Mityana district, and it is approximately 89kms West of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. It is fully registered with Mityana District Local Government as a Community Based Organization (CBO) under the department of community based services. Registration No: MAA/90/2015.

KACODE is committed to addressing and alleviating the negative effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic which has brought about a lot of suffering, dehumanization, poverty and misery among communities in Uganda. KACODE is currently running HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support programs with a wide range of activities ranging from public awareness campaigns, training for at risk youths, education support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), and economic empowerment of widows/caregivers living with HIV/AIDS.

Our Goal  

To improve on the economic social welfare of the communities and their children.


  1. To improve on the communities’ standards of living economically and socially.
  2. To mobilize and sensitize the communities about the HIV/AIDS prevention and management.
  3. To encourage members to establish Income Generating Activities (IGAs) in their homes.
  4. To instill the culture of savings among the communities by introducing village savings and Micro loan schemes (VSMLS).
  5. To educate members on different issues concerning Law and Gender.